Your stay as relative or friend

Our clinic attaches great importance to include relatives in the rehabilitation process. This has a significant contribution to a lasting rehabilitation success. Find out more about your stay as a patients relative or friend.

Accommodation options

As a family member or visitor, you have the option of staying overnight in the patients' room. We also offer an additional room on the hospital campus which you can book. If you plan staying for a longer period of time & desire some privacy, we can offer you the option of renting various studios within walking distance. Moreover there is a possibility to stay in one of the hotels with which we operate a cooperation. 

Contact us for more detailed information! Our International Office will be happy to consult you about your opportunities in your stay. 

Oasis underground car parking

Privately insured patients and their relatives can use free parking spaces in the underground garage of Oasis private clinic. Outdoor parking spaces are also available to all visitors.

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International Office
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