Recover from a Stroke

Rehabilitation after a stroke is a vital part of the recovery process.
We help you to get back to the things you love and to relearn skills you have lost when a stroke affected part of your brain. This being the main goal of stroke rehabilitation, can help you regain  independence and improve your quality of life.

We at Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht address the fact, that the severity of a stroke and the resulting complications vary wildly from person to person. Our holistic approach accommodates world class medical expertise with a wide range of therapies and care, all under one roof in our private clinic.

The sooner you start with rehabilitation the better. We offer an early rehabilitation ward for this purpose.

Therapy Schedule

Our holistic approach entails top medical treatment and daily therapies. Your daily treatment schedule is developed taking your current condition and goals into account. You might receive up to 6 therapies daily. Every therapy is intended to regain lost skills.

  • Motor-skill exercises: these exercises can help improve your muscle strength and coordination. You might have therapy to strengthen your swallowing.

  • Mobility training: you might learn to use mobility aids, such as a walker, canes, wheelchair or ankle brace. The ankle brace can stabilize and strengthen your ankle to help support your body's weight while you relearn to walk.

  • Constraint-induced therapy: an unaffected limb is restrained while you practice moving the affected limb to help improve its function. This therapy is sometimes called forced-use therapy.

  • Range-of-motion therapy: certain exercises and treatments can ease muscle tension (spasticity) and help you regain range of motion.

  • Robot-Assisted Therapy: we operate one of the largest robot-asissted therapy centre in Europe.

  • Virtual reality: the use of video games and other computer-based therapies involves interacting with a simulated, real-time environment.

  • Therapy for cognitive disorders: occupational therapy and speech therapy can help you with lost cognitive abilities, such as memory, processing, problem-solving, social skills, judgment and safety awareness.

  • Therapy for communication disorders: speech therapy can help you regain lost abilities in speaking, listening, writing and comprehension.

  • Psychological evaluation and treatment: your emotional adjustment might be tested. You might also have counseling or participate in a support group.

  • Noninvasive brain stimulation: techniques such as transcranial magnetic stimulation have been used with some success in a research setting to help improve a variety of motor skills.

  • Alternative medicine: treatments such as massage and acupuncture.

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A Strong Cooperation - Hirslanden Private Hospital Group

In a very close cooperation with the Hirslanden Private Clinic Group, we operate the Neuro-Umbrella. 

With this setup we can offer you a consistent treatment from neurosurgery to neurorehabilitation. You can benefit from a seamless treatment on all aspects and access to top specialist in their receptive field.