Moving forward with compassion, professionalism and technology

We use the most effective and state-of-the-art therapy methods and technologies and combine them with everyday rehabilitation training and activities to achieve the goals that we set together with our patients.

Our focus is helping our patients to regain the highest level of independence and mobility in their everyday life. They are provided with the opportunity to train in individual and group therapy sessions tailored to their individual needs and goals.

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Neurological rehabilitation

The Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht has been specializing in neurological rehabilitation since it was founded and offers numerous specific services following an individual assessment.

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Parkinson's Center

For many years, the rehabilitation clinic Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht has been operating a Parkinson's Center that is specially designed to meet the needs of our patients with Parkinson's disease. The center offers various modern treatment procedures aimed at treating disorders of the extrapyramidal motor system

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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune, chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system. In Switzerland, there are about 15,000 people affected by MS. This disease can lead to various serious impairments. Learn more about MS and its treatment options on this website.

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Early rehabilitation

After patients have been released from the acute unit, they may need early rehabilitation, which is intended to help them restore some level of physical independence at an early stage. The rehabilitation clinic Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht has many years of experience and expertise in this field. Our Bodan Ward was specially designed for severely affected patients and is equipped to deliver optimum care and therapy including mechanical ventilation. 

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Robotics Center

We believe that state-of-the-art technology is able to create optimal training conditions for our patients. Various types of rehabilitation technology, especially robotic assisted therapy methods have already established themselves as the standard in neurological rehabilitation. Our robot-assisted therapy sessions take place in a spacious, bright and open room – the Säntis Robotics Center.

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Therapy services

Our main focus at Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht is the independence and mobility recovery of our patients, achieved through highly specialized therapies and a comprehensive interdisciplinary treatment approach, ensuring 24-hour availability and providing guidance for both patients and their relatives to facilitate successful rehabilitation.

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