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Post Covid-19 Rehabilitation

Get back to normal

Boost your resilience

This rehabilitation programme has been developed for people still coping with physical and neurological complications of a COVID-19 infection. Long COVID-19 symptoms such as a decline in motor functions, breathlessness, cough, unspecific fears, panic attacks or reduced general resilience are common.

At Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht you will benefit from our longstanding experience in neu-rorehabilitation and the unique holistic approach, which factors in a wide variety of therapies with a world-class medical team and infrastructure. With the proposed three-week programme, we will help you to recover after Covid-19. The programme can be extended on request.

The suggested programme considers the therapy goals defined together with the patient according to their physical condition and individual wishes. An aftercare plan will be recommended at the end of the rehabilitation programme by the therapy team.

We will gladly assist you in organising your journey to our clinic. Please contact us via international@vamed.ch or call us on +41 71 424 33 66.

Mrs. Baskow


Mrs. Baskow suffered from long covid. Watch her testimonial on how she did overcome this difficult with the helpt of our unique and individual post covid rehabilitation programme. 

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The three-weeks programme

Crafted to your needs

This three-weeks programme is crafted for patients suffering from Long Covid. we know that every diagnosis is individual, so is our approach. Flexible and holistic, with the optimal outcome for you in mind.


First week

  • Entry assessment by senior physicians
  • Development of patient-centred therapy plan
  • Minimum 5 therapies per day (Mon–Fri)
  • Daily physician visit
  • Coping strategies for Covid-19
  • Mitigation of acute disease & improvement in quality of life
  • Improvement of breathing symptoms and shortness of breath
  • Diagnostic (including laboratory)

Second week

  • Review of therapy plan and progress
  • Minimum 5 therapies per day (Mon–Fri)
  • Improvement of physical resilience, fitness and strength
  • Learning to cope with stressful situations
  • Mitigating negative effects such as fear, panic and de-pression
  • Daily physician visit

Third week

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  • Review of therapy plan and progress
  • Minimum 5 therapies per day (Mon–Fri)
  • Stabilisation of mental situation
  • Achieving balance and tranquility
  • Daily physician visit
  • Final assessment by senior physicians
  • Departure or extension of the stay

Get in Touch with us for a Consultation

We recommend to inquiry with us prior to the actual rehabilitation for a consultation with one of our senior physicians. The same applies for information about cost of the programme and general information about our facility or your journey to us.

Our international team will assist you with any questions and the organisation of your journey and stay with us.



Kerstin Merz Head International Office +41 71 424 33 66
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