Consultation / Second Opinion


In Zurich or Zihlschlacht

You wish to speak with one of our specialists in neurorehabilitation regarding your diagnosis and to evaluate your potential to benefit from a rehabilitation? We can receive you for a consultation in our clinic in Zihlschlacht, where you can see the amenitites of our facility and will speak to our team of specialists. Consultations at our neuro-training centre directly at Zurich airport or via video-call can also be organized if preferred. The consultation at our neuro-training centre can be combined with introductionary training on the robotic devices.

The cost for a consultation is CHF 600. The amount will be reimbursed in case you decide to stay for a rehabilitation with us. For questions or to schedule an appointment, please contact our international office.

Second Opinion

Neurological Rehabiliation

Sometimes taking a decision is a difficult task. Hearing a second opinion from a specialist often helps to come to a sound conclusion.

We at Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht can offer you a second opinion by one of our specialists in Neurological Rehabilitation. He will assess your patients history and most recent medical reports, in order to produce a concise recommendation for you. You can discuss this recommendation with him and ask specific medical questions.

The cost for a second opinion is CHF 600. We will reimburse the costs in case you decide to stay for a rehabilitation in our clinic. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with our international office for any questions or to schedule an appointment.



Kerstin Merz Head International Office +41 71 424 33 66
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