Our histrory


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The neurological rehabilitation clinic Zihlschlacht has been dealing exclusively with neurorehabilitation since 1989. Our many years of experience, integration of state-of-the-art forms of therapy and initiation of and participation in scientific research have earned us a high national and international reputation.

Private clinic Oasis 2020

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In 2020, Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht expands with its newest building, the Oasis private clinic. Here, the interplay of the latest robot technology with decades of expertise in neurorehabilitation is packaged in a cozy hotel ambience.

Rehabilitation clinic Zihlschlacht 2012


In 2012, the rehabilitation clinic was taken over and modernized by Vamed Suisse. Until today, the rehabilitation clinic Zihlschlacht is under the management of Vamed Suisse and is considered as a pioneer in neuro-rehabilitation, not only in Switzerland but also internationally.

Privat clinic Sonnenrain 1989


In 1989 the Psychiatric Private Clinic Friedheim was taken over by Prof. E. Ketz & Dr. J. Blanco and was transformed into the Private Clinic Sonnenrain. Now the Privatklinik Sonnenrain was specialized in neurorehabilitation. This was the birth of the Rehabilitation clinic Zihlschlacht. In the following years the clinic was enlarged with a new building and continued under the name Rehaklinik Zihlschlacht.

Villa im Winkel 1950


In this year, the "Villa im Winkel" was built, literally translated means the villa in the angle, which today is considered as the landmark of the Rehabilitation Clinic Zihlschlacht. With this building, the Psychiatric Clinic Friedheim expands again.

Friedheim 1931

Friedheim 1860.jpg

The son of Professor Dr. Fernand Krayenbühl, Dr. Pierre Krayenbühl takes over the directorship and, together with Dr. T. Pritzker, founds the Private Psychiatric Clinic Friedheim, which at that time was already extraordinarily large, with 60-70 beds.

Friedheim 1891

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The tradition of the clinic in Zihlschlacht began in the 19th century, at that time as a psychiatric clinic under the direction of the famous Professor Krayenbühl, it was called the sanatorium Friedheim "Anstalt für Nerven- und Gemütskranke", which means as much as "instutution für mentally- and moody ill".