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The Rehabilitation Clinic Zihlschlacht is a traditional, highly specialized clinic for neurorehabilitation. Since our foundation in 1989, we have focused exclusively on the rehabilitation of people with brain and nerve injuries. Each year we treat over 1,000 brain and nerve injured stationary patients with the aim of reintegrating them into their private and professional lives.

Through the use of the latest robotic therapy equipment and extensive experience in the application of traditional therapies, we achieve excellent therapeutic results. More than 80 percent of our patients are able to return to their familiar environment after a brain injury, stroke or neurological disease.


Even beyond the country's borders, we are now one of the leading neurorehabilitation clinics. In addition to our most important task, the basic care of patients from Switzerland, we treat many patients from abroad every year. We treat patients of all insurance classes. For patients with supplementary insurance, corresponding semi-private and private offers are available. Since July 2020, the Rehabilitation Clinic Zihlschlacht has a private clinic - the Private Clinic Oasis. For patients who are treated at the clinic due to Parkinson's disease, a separate ward in the existing clinic has been available since July 2020 for people with semi-private or private insurance.

The Rehabilitation Clinic Zihlschlacht has great expertise in the field of early rehabilitation. From March 2022, we will open such a ward at an external location: Bodan ward - your specialist for rehabilitation requiring monitoring. The Bodan ward is designed for particularly severely affected patients and includes the option of ventilator weaning. It is located in the building of the Lake Constance Cardiac Neuro Center on the hospital campus of the Münsterlingen Kanton Spital and cooperates closely with the neighboring acute hospitals.


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